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The Fifth year of the Amigurumi School of Magic took us on an expedition deep into the ancient woodland, through misty trees, shady ferns, across splashy rivers and down under mountains...

- What yarn will we need? 

For this MCAL we are using Paintbox Cotton DK (100% cotton, 50gr/125m/137yds), it’s a nice thickness for making Amigurumi.
You can find it on* 

Please note the MCAL pattern is not included with the yarn and needs to be purchased separately.

This is the yarn list to make the whole collection and the bonus make:

Light green (467 Pine Green) 
Dark green (427 Slate Green)
Dark blue (468 Deep Sea Blue) 
Mauve (469 Vintage Heater) 
Lilac (446 Pale Lilac)

Light yellow (422 Daffodil Yellow)
Dark yellow (424 Mustard Yellow)
Rusty orange (456 Vintage Pink)
Brown (410 Soft Fudge) + 1 ball for the Mystery make!
Dark brown (411 Coffee Bean) + 1 ball for the Mystery make! 
Dark grey (406 Slate Grey)

Light grey (475 Taupe)

Of course you are welcome to use a different yarn! This is a nice stash-busting project, as small makes don’t need as much yardage.

*Affiliate link. You buy at the same price and we will get a small percentage. Thank you!

Do I have to make all the patterns in the MCAL?

You are welcome to make all of the weekly patterns or just your favourites – it’s totally up to each maker! We hope you will enjoy this magical adventure and crochet at your own pace.

What's the difference with last year's 'Amigurumi School of Magic'?

Like last years’ MCAL we will surprise you with 1 new bundle of amigurumi patterns each week throughout October. The 5 mystery parts will be all new, with no repeats with last year’s MCAL. This year we will go on an expedition into the heart of the forest - who knows what we will find!

Do we have to share the projects on Instagram?

Sharing on social media is completely optional, we do love seeing all your makes! Make sure to use #amigurumischoolofmagic5

We like to hang out in our Ravelry group too!

Can I use a different hook size?

Depending on your yarn you may need to change to bigger or smaller hook size, find one that works best for you!

Can I use a different yarn?

Of course, dive into your stash or follow one of our suggested palettes in the Introduction document.

You can mix different brand of DK cotton yarn if some colours are not availabe in your preferred shop – or if you already have some of those colours in your stash!

What patterns will there be?

A Big Mystery Make released in sections and 3 patterns for each one of the 5 parts. All projects are designed to be fun and quick to make and will work to scale as a complete set when worked in the same yarn.

Browse our FAQ section for other MCAL info

Take a look at the previous School of Magic terms here: 

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