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Amigurumi Advent - Volume 4

A Mystery Amigurumi Crochet-Along

For the Fourth Year of the Amigurumi Advent we spent the month in the Woodland, meeting adorable woodland animals and making our own motifs inspired by nature.

The original mini collection was published  in December 2021, day by day, advent calendar style. 

The Yule Log

The Yule Log is one of the oldest Christmas traditions, travelling down the ages from the Vikings, who marked the winter solstice by decorating and burning a whole log, to the present day festive chocolate treat... 

Make a stuffed crochet log that can be used as a centerpiece for the dining table, a squishy home decoration or as a cute pencil-case (or amigurumi-case!) with a sewn-in zip.

Screenshot 2022-09-03 at 16.05.28.png

24 Mini Amigurumi

Chirpy Robin

Day 01

Crisp Oak Leaves

Day 04

Bright Cardinal

Day 07

Scorching Chestnut

Day 10

Dreaming Fox

Day 13

Prickly Pine Leaves

Day 16

Grumpy Badger

Day 19

Chunky Wood Slices

Day 22

Smoochy Mistletoe

Day 25

Little Acorn

Day 02

Playful Hare

Day 05

Frilly Toadstool

Day 08

Shy Little Deer

Day 11

Bumpy Pinecone

Day 14

Startled Pheasant

Day 17

Twirling Maple Leaf

Day 20

Sleepy Owl

Day 23

Cheeky Squirrel

Day 03

Juicy Red Berries

Day 06

Curious Snail

Day 09

Dinky Spruce Tree

Day 12

Hungry Bear

Day 15

Glittering Poinsettia

Day 18

Busy Hedgehog

Day 21

Tiny Party Hat

Day 24

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